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Hydradermie Facials

Over the years Guinot's cutting-edge Hydradermie facials have become a legend at Jade and around the world. Our highly trained and experienced therapists utilise a specialist machine with ionising technology, which gently penetrates the skin for both instant and long-lasting results. Guinot have now built upon this legendary facial and created their new star treatment, the Hydradermie2, which delivers double the results!

We currently offer the new and improved Hydra2 facials as well as the original Hydra facials.



Hydra2 1hr 15mins | £55.00
Double your results with Guinot’s star facial treatment! Hydrais the most deep cleansing and rehydrating facial treatment on the beauty market today. Tailor-made by your therapist to suit your skin type, this facial gives instant results and keeps your skin in optimum condition for up to 30 days. We recommend a monthly facial regime for year-round radiance. 

Hydra2 Age Logic 1 hr 45mins | £80.00
A specially designed anti-aging Hydrafacial, which concentrates on the eyes, face and neck. Recommended every 3 weeks, the facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage and mask.

Hydra2 Tres Homme 1 hr 15mins | £55.00
Men can, and should, take care of their skin too! Guinot’s star facial treatment is deep cleansing and rehydrating and gives instant results that last for up to 30 days. We recommend a monthly facial regime to keep skin in optimum condition all year.

Hydra2 Lift 45mins | £49.00
Add youth to your eye contour with the gentle yet effective solution from Guinot. Targets the area around the eyes reducing signs of aging, fatigue and puffiness through toning muscles in this delicate area and adding new firmness. From the very first session, small wrinkles are erased, crow’s feet are smoothed and eyes look younger.

Hydra2 Lift Deluxe 1hr 45mins | £100.00
This ultimate lifting treatment includes the Hydra2 Age Logic and the Hydra2 Lift. All Hydra2 Lift treatments are recommended twice weekly to achieve optimum results. 



1hr 15mins | £44.00
A deep cleansing and rehydrating treatment, which gives instant results and leaves skin in great condition for up to 30 days. The Hydra is suitable for all skin types and ages and will be customised by your therapist to suit your individual beauty needs. We recommend a monthly facial regime for year-round radiance.

Hydra Plus 1 hr 45mins | £59.00
This luxury facial treatment includes the regular Hydra facial in addition to pressure point massage plus firming and toning serums for the eyes and neck.

Hydra Lift 1 hr | £46.00
This high-tech lifting treatment is a ‘youth revolution’. Gentle exercise of the facial muscles firms deep down for a lasting effect. By the end of your treatment your face appears smoother and firmer and after a recommended course of three sessions, the Hydra Lift exerts a remarkable ‘lift effect’ on the facial features… with no injections! 

Hydra Lift Yeux 45mins | £37.00
Targets the area around the eyes to reduce signs of aging, fatigue and puffiness. It rehydrates and lifts the eyelids smoothing fine lines to restore a relaxed rejuvenated appearance.

Hydra Lift Deluxe 1hr 30mins | £59.00
A Hydradermie Lift treatment that also includes a face and neck massage, followed by a customised mask to further enhance the Hydra machine’s lifting effect. 


Holistic Facials


1hr | £41.00

Essential oils and plant concentrates create a blissful aromatherapy facial that brings natural beauty to your skin. Relax and unwind with a customised facial treatment, energising massage to awaken the skin, and an aromatic mask that recovers your skin’s natural radiance.

Beaute Neuve

1hr | £44.00

A double peeling facial that removes dull skin cells, allowing the glow of new cells to shine through. This hands-on facial treatment gently exfoliates and softens the skin leaving it truly radiant. One treatment will restore a radiant complextion while a course of three will reduce pigmentation marks on the skin and eliminate excess dead cells, allowing the skin to breathe.


1hr | £48.00

This rejuvenating, lifting treatment is completely dedicated to the firmness and youthfulness of the skin. A Thermolift Mask diffuses a gentle heat to heighten the skin’s absorption of active ingredients and leaves it energized and radiant. We recommend a course of three treatments over successive weeks.